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I have mixed the Guitar #33806 Drums #34740 Cello #43742 and the Bass from #35255 and added Digital Keyboard instruments of Piano, Harpsichord and Glockenspiel to this Lovely Track Template. I hope I made this beautiful song a little prettier.


One of my favorites. You have just made it that much better. Thank you+1
Gennaio 28 2017 06:09:57
DrStrgeglv funny how we all ended up right here (we should be a band!) +1
Gennaio 28 2017 16:50:29
MusicWorx Thank you for that Gary, glad to hear that I have made an improvement to one of your favs...this is now one of my favourites too,it represents perhaps my best Mix'N Add to date... +1
Gennaio 28 2017 16:54:21
MusicWorx ...we would certainly have to include [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/artist/HiFiFlutes.php]HiFiFlutes[/url] with his hand crafted instruments.:) +0
Yeahh !!! Really good job. Indeed the guitar template is really great !
Gennaio 28 2017 16:43:53
MusicWorx Thank you Arnosolo, the Guitar trak was the initial inspiration, then I heard what [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/artist/jamlady.php]JamLady[/url] played on the Cello and just had to do something with this one +1
Lenny Cowler
Yes!!!!Awesome add, Thank you very much:)+1
Gennaio 28 2017 15:34:05
Lenny Cowler
MusicWorx Thanks Lenny, this was a bit of a challenge to mix all together without any HD single tracks. What I did was use your drum trak throughout without any modifications, added the rest on top of that but lost your sound in places...would have liked to bring up the drums in spots, but with all tracks having the same backer trak it became very "muddy" fast. With that said however, I think it sounds fine and I think this is my best Mix'n Add to date...and your most welcome, it made for a great day workin on this one for me... +1
Gennaio 28 2017 16:39:18
MusicWorx Thanks for the comment Doctor, yes a very beautiful choice of traks to work with on this one...a far cry from my Heavy Metal days of yesteryear...perhaps I am just gettin Old!...:o +0
very cool. Great track B-)+0
Gennaio 28 2017 16:35:42
MusicWorx Thank you B427, it was a happy day workin away in my little studio here yesterday on this one...must have heard this pleasing track a hundred times while mixing together, just does not get old. +0
Sounds magic & ethereal, super cool mix, lovely work MW !! ;)+0
Gennaio 28 2017 16:32:11
MusicWorx Thanks Nuno, magical and etheral...I like that. I really never know of what emotion or response I am going to create while putting together a composition. In this case I simply built on the Guitar with the Harpsichord, let the Cello sing and added the Glockenspiel to echo the harmonics I heard... +1
Gennaio 28 2017 22:38:50
nuno1959 That sounds like ''go with the flow'' !!
Worked damn fine for me !! ;)
Enjoying your mix very much with all the added extras. Hope to be back online soon...+0
Gennaio 30 2017 23:40:38
MusicWorx Thank you Acoustic, and thanks to you for a wonderful template to inspire my day:) +1
so beautiful! thank you very much!+0
Febbraio 04 2017 15:10:05
MusicWorx why every time I listen to a track I have worked on before, I wanna change somethin again?...Leonardo Da Vinci I think was the one who said, "...a painting is never finished, it is only complete" +0
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