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2019 on wikiloops.com - Mission to jam accomplished!

Dear friends of wikiloops,
Thanks for checking out this last wikiloops blog post for 2019!

Since it's the end of the year and I'm in the mood, let's look at 2019 on wikiloops for a moment:

As I sit and type, the last round of data backups for this year is flowing from the wiki-server to the safety of my stack of local backup drives, and I can't help but wonder wether 2019 qualifies as a good year on wikiloops.
With 21,585 new tracks shared via wikiloops in 2019 so far, you guys obviously have enjoyed a quite busy 2019 musically.
How awesome is that, thinking that wikiloops once started as a one drumset, one laptop, one drummer/coder + a few friends project about nine years ago.

On the other hand, 2019 set a new record in unexpected maintenance challenges:
There we had the emergency server migration after a hardware failure (harddrive crash) in spring, during which some friendly server support guy temporaryly misplaced several hundred gigabites of high quality wikiloops tracks.
You may imagine the adrenaline rush of looking into some webfolder that's supposed to contain the hi-res copies of 100,000 tracks and finding it totally emptied... it all turned out loss-less in the end thanks to our backup system, but it did feel like "that's it for wikiloops" for a second.
Next followed a DOS-attack (programmed bots overloading the server with fake requests) on wikiloops in summer, leading to yet another emergency server migration move and a period of a few days in which wikiloops became unreachable outside of europe.
While we managed these incidents quite well as far as the basic functionality of wikiloops is concerned, such hasty server migrations are always likely to mess up some of the less obvious features, so quite a lot of time had to be spent debugging stuff that used to work flawless before, like the abum assembly script that kept hanging instead of getting your albums out.
By now, all these minor issues are fixed again - thanks for your patience and helpfull hints in the process.

Last in the 2019 mishap-series, we've had a new kind of spam-by-wikiloops-PM thing appear in early december. Somebody tried to abuse the wikiloops internal messaging system to collect peoples email addresses by luring them into contacting some email address... the good old spam hoax, but something we have not seen on wikiloops in the past.
It took a few hours of coding to make sure such mass-mailing attempts are blocked in the future, sorry again to those who received such messages. I'm quite happy we were able to stop the flood before it became a real nuisance, that was only possible with the help of our moderation team who kept watching out while I was coming up with an upgraded coded spamblocker.

Well, we wouldn't be here recollecting these events if wikiloops hadn't once more made it thru another year :)
I guess a place like wikiloops is not really likely to ever operate effortless, and as soon as I tune in to some music on wikiloops it all seems worth it.
Seeing that wikiloops created motivation to record over twentythousand tracks around the world in 2019,
my conclusion can only read: "Mission to jam 2019 accomplished!".

Are you still with me feeling "man, this is really quite cool"?
Then let me take you one step further in understandng how cool this "wikiloops 2019 achievement" really is.
In short, the ingredients to creating 20k+ tracks in 2019 were:
580+ musicians who record at home,
266 people who give financial support to wikiloops,
a small team of moderators,
one part-time coder and a part-time secretary.
That makes wikiloops tiny in comparison to other online platforms, to the benefit that we can keep wikiloops independent and focused on its mission,
as long as we can continue to cover the projects needs from within the user community the way we did in 2019.
If anyone reading this has wondered why some members on wikiloops are labelled as
"supporting members" - well, if you look at the number of new tracks on wikiloops at the end of the year, these members were the ones who helped rent the needed servers and keep wikiloops around for all of us.

A large chunk of the due credit for the 2019 outcome goes to Shi, OliVBee, TeeGee, wjl and jmrukkers for taking care of the everyday issues on wikiloops.
I'd also like to thank my sister-in-law Violeta for taking on some of the beaurocratic tasks of operating wikiloops - a huge workload-relief on my end, giving me the freedom to go offline for a few weeks (for the first time in almost 9 years) as we moved our family home this summer.

To you, who has taken the time to read all the way to the end of my post -
let me thank you for your interest in wikiloops and the way the project is taking!

May your last days of 2019 be joyfull and your personal years review of 2019
a fair balance of happy moments and the usual challenges.
Thank you for your time, and thanks for all the music,
and have a happy slide into the new decade.

Sending our best wishes from Flowsdorf, Germany
Richard & the Kaiser family

traditional stats collection:
140,603 tracks online
54,293 members signed up
2,689 uploading members
266 members in supporting members status


I dont talk about it much on the loops but I have a serious health condition. Im only mentioning this now because I want to explain that the Loops is literally my medicine. Im stuck at home all the time, cant drive anymore or perform at gigs...but because of the Loops I dont have to give up music. I dont always feel well enough to play but I try to listen everyday. This is a music lovers paradise! You know how I found this site? I had a dream about 'find the others'. The next morn I typed the right words in Google and I found the others!!!! Music is Magic....thats my philosophy!! Thank you Richard for all the hard work and dedication...as John Lennon said we must make the world a better place. You embody that sentiment <3<3<3+9
Gennaio 02 2020 23:27:20
frenzie <3<3 +1
Phew Richard, indeed an eventful year, especially with those crashes, ddos and server matters - but at the end of it you managed to fix it quickly. The Wikiloops ship keeps on sailing quite beautifully and navigating the treacherous rocky waters of the current internet sea of filth, lies and extremism. Yes there are bigger platforms on the web, and in these times of fast phones and ever changing apps this Wikiloops forum may seem a bit anachronistic, but, maybe this is what is so cool about this place? A little bit of old fashioned friendliness and a troll-free environment. Man, I just love this place and it's people, I met some really good people through Wikiloops, I listen to original music almost every day, it got me playing the guitar again, priceless! And all this for the price of a sandwich more or less :)

I am honoured to be mentioned in your blog post, but really the credit goes to you my friend for making and maintaining this place, and having it running now for the 10th year. What an achievement...you can be proud of it. On a scale from mouse to dinosaur this is elephant ;)
Amazing amount of fun indeed ! and also unbelievable pile of unexpected and potentially damaging bits in 2019 ... I won't miss this special occasion to express my deepest and respectful thanks to you my friend and best wishes for 2020 :D :W+4
my thanks to you too Richard and Best wishes to you and your family for 2020 as well :)+4
Ich wünsche Dir lieber Richard und deiner Familie auch ein gutes neues Jahr 2020. Viel Gesundheit, Liebe und Glück!
I want to say thanks to all wiki members for beeing here in this community. Without you there were no fun! Tank You! Happy New Year, friends ;)
Your work makes us humble thank you for this amazing piece of work you do every year. <3<3 hope you have a good 2020!!+4
deepest respect and thanks from me richard.....my life would seem pretty empty without the loops. where else could i work with so many fab musos.?.. (who else would have me?)
You have brought so much happiness, to so many people, hou should be really proud of your achievment.
love you brotha.....and all the helpers in the background. xxx
Hallo Richard,
I just want to say thanks for allowing us to share our music on this wonderful site. I also want to wish to you and your family a wonderful and peaceful 2020.
Thank you Richard and all others who helped keeping Wikiloops online in 2019. I'm still so glad I found this site, so I tell everybody about it on and offline. So the best wishes to you and your family for 2020 :)+2
Not a boring 2019, for sure :D

Glad to be a supporter :o
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