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Will be moving my Yamaha kit into the room soon so both kits available for recording. The curtains are thick indian cotton hanging ceiling to floor to help deaden the room. There's no windows behind them! My spare curtain leans against the bass drum head to deaden it!

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This will be mouthwatering for many drummers. Dedicated room and ground level if I'm correct, looking through the window. :) You got it made Martin :W+2
Marzo 05 2018 10:05:53
mpointon Thanks, FS. I'm actually on the first floor of the house which makes getting the drums in and out not a lot of fun!

Just need to get some playing done now but that's up to my arms/shoulders! :(
Marzo 05 2018 19:26:04
Fivestringer Well, that first floor would be the only downside :P , but still among drummers you'll be envied not only on your skills. And be careful with the arms and shoulders.:W +1
Found it already, you have a pair of audio-Technica+1
cool !:)+1
Nice setup Martin+1
Marzo 06 2018 03:09:23
mpointon Thanks, Paul. So nice to have a room to call my own now! Those curtains may not be pretty but make a world of difference to containing the sound.

Thank god for an old house with picture rails!
Great setup again! What kind of overheads are you using? I’m looking for a pair too! Thinking of a pair of AKG C1000 S MK IV+0
Marzo 04 2018 18:44:00
mpointon Thanks, Marc. The overheads are a pair of Audio-Technica AT 8010 Condensers. The tom mics are Audio-Technica gooseneck condensers too - although the foam has perished so I use cotton wool to hold the mics in place! +1
Marzo 04 2018 18:47:04
mpointon For overheads, C1000s are very good mics and have a great bass response which you may not want for overheads.

The AKG C314s are a very popular choice at the moment but have price tags to match!
Marzo 04 2018 18:50:07
Marceys Ah, thanks for that info! I want to buy these mic’s for the stage at our school and use them occasionally to record drums too.... but i will look into these C314s also! thanks! +0 usa i Cookies per fornirti la miglior esperienza di navigazione.
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