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Got to say it... Thank You!

Sometimes one needs to stop, take a breath and realize: We are quite lucky to have been able to enjoy wikiloops in 2018, and it is only happening the way we are used to because above folks are supporting, and some more folks are taking care of the things that need to be done. I'm thankfull to anyone out there who is part of this commuity in some way. So, yeah, thank you :)

Condiviso da: Dick


Thank you Dick for giving us this canvas to paint our magic<3👍+1
I've tried so many music sites. Wiki is by far the best. I really like how it's setup. Anyone can post to an idea without the need to ask to be invited. It's amazing how many great versions you can get from one idea. Anyone can join in no matter what your skill level.But beyond the great music and enjoyment I get from jamming with so many great musicians, is the feeling of comradery between the people here. I feel like I'm amongst friends. Thanks Dick for creating a site most can call home.+1
thank you soooooo much dick for all the work you put in to make this place happen, and bring all these wonderful people together. what an amazingly positive use of the web (for once!)
Ps..... great image.... pity there's not more people on it..
id'e love a copy of the hi res image file if possible.
Thanks a lot Dick for your efforts, for your time, for your kindness, for being a great human being that brings musicians together, always good vibes in the site, always willing people, I hope to keep up with wikiloops and keep sharing with all of you :D+1
Thank you for Wikiloops Dick :)
<3 Thanks to you ,Dick,amigo+0
Thank you Dick for all the time you spent on wikiloops so we could have fun and Thanks to Diana because see had to share you with wikiloops for many hours :)+0
Thank you so very much Dick 🖤+0
Thank you Dick!+0
thanks so much for all you do for so many people Dick...;)+0

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