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experimenting with new technology... looks ugly as ***

...it does work quite nicely tho, and you may check it out yourself on https://www.w11.wikiloops.com - just visit some tracks first, the disconnect your wifi and reload the page... ;) funky shizzle at the works here, only tested in chrome so far.

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...so how's that working? background download?+0
Marzo 23 2019 10:25:47
Dick nope, the so called "service worker" accesses your cache, finds the pre-configured "offline" page and previously cached ( = listened to) tracks and creates the view offering to play the cached files.
The gist of this is that the serviceworker intercepts the "no network connection" -screen which wouldusually pop up and creates a "live" environment in which you can use whatever is cached and belongs to wikiloops.
Marzo 23 2019 15:30:12
kimbo wow ! you're a clever bugger :) +0

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