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very nice! big thumb for the artist !!!+1
Ah!! Je la connais:)+1
nice artwork mon ami!+1
Maggio 31 2019 20:31:49
OliVBee Arches postcard :) +1
Je reconnais ton style. Super.+1
i love it!+1
Who did the art work? I dabble a bit as well.;)+1
Giugno 13 2019 19:23:35
OliVBee Well it's me ... watercolors on Arches postcard +1
Giugno 13 2019 20:28:57
Acousticeg My brother is very good with watercolors. I on the other hand have never been able to do something I'm happy with. Sketches in pencil and computer graphics seem to be more my thing. I developed my own technique of pixel painting that I use to add color to my pencil Sketches. I haven't done anything for a long time. The software I used doesn't work with windows 10. And the new software is priced out of reach. But getting back to just pencil would be great. I did a few tattoo drawings for friends who wanted something original. That was fun. Maybe I will post a few things.:) +1
Giugno 13 2019 20:42:54
OliVBee Please post some of your works :) i'd love to see them ! pencils have always been my first love and especially graphite ;) i have found computer graphics very versatile and giving endless possibilities but with one very strong down side : i find i don't own the resulting art like other traditional works ... my avatar was a study for a tattoo i did many years ago trying out a graphic software ! +1
Giugno 13 2019 21:24:57
Acousticeg I did not realize that down side to computer graphics. I have posted a few things to Facebook without a problem. But then I never post to the public. And with all the goings on at Facebook and social media in general. I have removed most all family photos and artwork. I like your avatar. I did have one I did as well. The winged guitar I started using in remembrance of a friend and mentor who passed away from cancer. He would never cut the strings off at the tuners. Instead he would wind the extra into a circle. I do the same as well.:) +1

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