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First light pencil sketch

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Ah graphite !! the simplicity and at the same time the complexity of it :) nice ! what kind of paper and what size ?+3
Giugno 14 2019 22:23:50
Acousticeg Strathmore acid free 9"x 12" medium drawing paper. +1
Giugno 14 2019 22:32:00
OliVBee Paper is such a crucial choice when you draw !! it has to feel OK to your hand :) how do you like this one ? +1
Giugno 14 2019 23:17:06
Acousticeg I was basically just going around picking up anything and drawing on it. Paper with lines on it mostly. lol Till someone said I need to get good paper and drawing pencils. That some of the drawings were good. I think it was my daughter that got me my first drawing pad and pencils.This drawing is from that first pad. I've tried several brands since then. Daler-Rownry 12"x 9", Mead Academie 11"x 14" and Bienfang 11"x14" The last being my favorite so far. Not to smooth not to rough. And I find I like the 11"x 14" size. +1
Giugno 14 2019 23:32:45
OliVBee the tooth of your paper is the key with pencil ! if the paper doesn't have enough tooth then you won't be able to apply layers after layers (especially for color pencils but this applies also to graphite) ... a smooth paper (usually hot pressed) can have a nice tooth too (my fav is Arches and i love it). Different graininess and texture for different kind of result ... i'll post some so you can see what i mean :) +0
Very well composed Rick:D+2
Beautiful subject and work<3+1
Giugno 14 2019 22:12:53
Acousticeg My very crud attempt to capture beauty on paper...but the eye can only hole for a moment what the heart holds always. +1
Giugno 15 2019 00:50:48
PJE your eye has shared those qualities it has seen distinctly Rick +0
in sight of this beautiful expression of love I still rest in silence and enjoy+0 usa i Cookies per fornirti la miglior esperienza di navigazione.
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