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the new home of wikiloops headquarters

this building dates back to 1730something and happens to be right across the road from the building in which my friend marc and me lived & started the funkhausflowsdorf.com project (if you look closely at Baers avatar, you'll notice he's wearing a FunkhausFlowsdorf-shirt), which eventually evolved to wikiloops after we had left the place. Now, ten years later and several with stations in between, I'm building the second studio room in the same village, and it is a happy return to Floisdorf indeed.

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now that's an image worth sharing.... just need the address now so we can come and drive you both crazy:)+3
looks like a big house with lots of space :)+1
Das sieht toll aus - ich freu mich für Euch :)+1
Geile Bude ;o) Ich mag Fachwerkhäuser sehr, ich finde sie urgemütlich. Ich wünsche Deiner Familie und Dir viel Glück im neuen Heim ;o)+1
Der Kreis schließt sich gerade.
Freut mich für euch und ich hoffe dich bald dort besuchen zu können, also ca im laufe des nächsten jahres:)
schick mir doch mal eine telefonnummer

just think of all the history that home has been through and seen. I love how Europeans preserve it's buildings .+0
Novembre 28 2019 20:59:48
Dick I remember how strange it felt to me when noticing that there are hardly any old buildings in the average US city when I came there as a teenager. If you grew up between a mix of roman-built ruins, medieval castles, really old churches and houses like the one above, you kinda loose the feeling how special that is.
It does feel somehow safe to know a place has been lived in for so many years, the spot can't be all bad one would think ;)

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