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Joining the musical collaboration: Posting your first track

Joining the musical collaboration: Posting your first track

Make the most out of your wikiloops experience

Uploading a track to the wikiloops online collaboration is not a technically difficult thing to do - it basically consists of uploading an audio file and adding some information to specify some details about your track, to let the track search tool know which instrument line-up and musical genre categories your track should be listed in.
However, there are a few small details whichs importance may not be all obvious to new users, so we are offering a short overview of things you might want to read to be sure you will have the best possible experience and increase your chance to get your tracks joined by other musicians.
Depending on your experience in homerecording and online publishing, you may skip some of the offered reads, but if you are completely new to online collaborations and home-recording you will find all needed information here in the wikiloops help section.

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Understanding the basics concepts - a checklist for new users

1. Before you upload your first track,
please be sure to realize there is a "no cover songs on wikiloops"-policy which needs to be obeyed, and which we take quite seriously.
Do not let your wikiloops experience end in getting banned for uploading music which was not written by yourself, that would be a waste!

2. Get familiar with how wikiloops manages and orders collaborations by attaching remixes to the tracks which have been remixed. Once you are familiar with the terms we use (like most importantly the different requirements of "session templates" vs. "remixes") and the relevance of wikiloops track IDs to serve as addresses to which remixes may be attached, you should be set to go.

3. Spend a few minutes thinking about your first appearance on wikiloops.
Yes, we are an online service, but our users are quite human, and so is their reaction when someone new walks in.
In a nutshell, wikiloops is not a self-presentation platform, and new users who make the mistake to believe "collaboration" meant "everyone will join my tracks" may wonder why their expectations are not met.
On wikiloops, collaboration means: You may join other users tracks and get them to notice you, so they will be happy to add to your tracks eventually.
The musicians on wikiloops are sensitive people and will be quick to decide wether a new user is a potentially interesting collaboration partner.
We are very tolerant about the usual "new user mistakes" and love to help new members, but you should not be surprised that your way of adding to others tracks, of giving feedback and of presenting yourself on your user profile will have great impact on how you are welcomed in the community.
Just don't be the rude boy that walks into the club and expects the band to interrupt the show so everyone can cheer for you - that doesn't work well in the real world, and doesn't work on wikiloops.

4. Be aware that publishing your music online (on wikiloops or elsewhere) will have to go along with granting certain rights to the online platform providing the service.
If you care about your creative work and secretly dream of turning your music into a source of income, you should take the time to read the "Things to think about before granting a license"-article.

5. Last, have a look at the guides to creating session templates and/or creating remixes (again, we recommend starting with remixes!) and record your first track. Some quite effective help on how to increase interest in your uploads may also be gathered by checking out the following articles:
Finding collaborations to join
Tips to increase your chance to get remixed and
Choosing a proper track title and adding tags.

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