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2017 tracks w friends

2017 tracks w friends
Info su questo album:
Thank you wiki friends :)frenzie Creata da: frenzie il 07/11/2018

Mi piace: 9
Ascoltata: 651 volte

Artisti coinvolti:
Rickplayer frenzie rp3drums Ernie440 GBD KMstar Bothen Hesgone119 Don_T ALawrence1 tullicbr Tofzegrit adu Major 3rd MrAdamOnDrums Danalyze45 Rockzilla slin Stef Balfo

yeah the blues guitar man...


Recensione scritta da slin il 07/13/2018

A lot of good blues song here Tom,thanks so much for let me joining here...;)

The Blues Master is in the house


Recensione scritta da Don_T il 07/13/2018

Superb line up of awesome blues, led by the master blues man himself. It is always an honor to get to join a project with Tom. He has my admiration and respect. If you need a blues man on your projects, just go look for Tom. Thank you for including me in your project, my friend.

A Real Blues Master


Recensione scritta da Stef il 07/12/2018

Always a joy to listen to your great touch and Blues style! Fantastic Blues collection! Always a joy to play with you!

Mooi album


Recensione scritta da Navota il 07/12/2018

Goeie nummers en mooi album Eigenlijk nooit zo'n blues fan geweest maar sinds ik wikiloops gevonden heb en zelf muziek maak vind ik het heerlijke muziek om mee te spelen en mede dankzij Frenzie zijn nummers

Great jams


Recensione scritta da Bothen il 07/12/2018

If you love the Blues and love playing the Blues, then Tom is one guy you need to jump on board with. He has a great style that brings you in and makes it easy to play along with. Thanks for having me on here Tom, always an honor!!

Got to love the Wikiblues


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 07/12/2018

Wikiblues man Frenzie has put together a nice collection of songs. Playing the blues is not as easy is it look. Anybody can play the notes, but to truly play it, you got to have a feeling for it, and Frenzie has got it!! I love listening to his playing, he makes the Strat sing like it should!! One day we should make a blues album ;)

The Dutch Bluesman


Recensione scritta da ALawrence1 il 07/11/2018

Tom. It is my great pleasure to be included in this album. Blues forever baby!!!!
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