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I love playing music

I love playing music
Info su questo album:
Thanks to all my "Wikifriends" you bright sun into every tracks you remix ! gabriel289 Creata da: gabriel289 il 06/05/2017

Mi piace: 9
Ascoltata: 848 volte

Artisti coinvolti:
jaz100 gabriel289 Ernie440 piper Tofzegrit Fishinmissio titi FrankieJ aleonz eGiL Don_T

I love pLaaying music


Recensione scritta da Fishinmissio il 05/10/2017

Great msucicans, good fun playing along..Thanks for having me on your album!

Great Album!


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 05/10/2017

So happy to be involved with Gabriel on this cool album of jazzy classics. :)


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 05/09/2017

It is an honor to be included in your works Gabriel. thank you

A Rythmic special style


Recensione scritta da titi il 05/09/2017

I love this guitar player. Between jazz and blues, Gabriel and the ideal companion for a harmonica player who will take pleasure to play with its ideas !

Great Album


Recensione scritta da Don_T il 05/10/2017

I feel very honored to be included in your album project, Gabriel. You are a great artist and the pleasure of playing on one of your tracks is indeed all mine... love the album and hope there are many many more to come.
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