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This is Real

This is Real
Info su questo album:
More jams with my friends - enjoy :)bhunt1 Creata da: bhunt1 il 06/05/2017

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Ascoltata: 633 volte

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cool collection of rappy music with the thumpin bass


Recensione scritta da Leftdaloops1019 il 03/13/2017

Brian, cool collection of rappy music with the thumpin bass you add

Really cool tracks


Recensione scritta da ARNOSOLO il 11/17/2017

Thx a lot my friend for the great muscic you share. I'm really happy to figure in this album. ;)

shake your body ;o)


Recensione scritta da Uloisius il 09/24/2017

another album from you with cool music full of rhythm, bass and great vocals ;o)
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