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Please enjoy this wiki EP ! Just some fun herb songs with some awesome friends /. Happy April 20th axenvocs Creata da: axenvocs il 06/05/2017

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Recensione scritta da GuitarPlyr il 04/21/2017

Glad to be a spice on the 420 Axenvocs, smell so good here

A great album!


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 04/20/2017

Arrived just in time for 4-20 ... dude yer freakin' me out!! I'm so high!! LOL This is a wonderful collection of music celebrating this ancient herb and I was glad to partake and be part of this album ... ;)

The great Singer Gary


Recensione scritta da ivax il 04/21/2017

Thank you for all your gifts, my friend, I am so happy to have met you, and happy to hear your voice and my guitar together,with great musicians and friends,in this wonderful Album :W:W...Thanks Gary Download :D

Love it


Recensione scritta da Navota il 06/13/2022

Great album

Behind the smoke


Recensione scritta da titi il 04/25/2017

Thanks for sharing the splif ;)



Recensione scritta da akethesnaker il 04/21/2017

Thanks to be a part of it!;)
Major 3rd

The album!


Recensione scritta da Major 3rd il 04/18/2019

Great album Gary! Great collection of songs, players and your excellent vocals....

groowing collection


Recensione scritta da earlsteven il 04/21/2017

a great groowing album with groowed songs, i realy like,the songs from this this groowed bands are great stuff i realy enjoy! wikiloops is growing up so high!
Lenny Cowler



Recensione scritta da Lenny Cowler il 04/21/2017

perfect bro also very good album cover:)
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