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Originals and Mixes with a few Wiki-friends

Originals and Mixes with a few Wiki-friends
Info su questo album:
Great work here from everyone. Great to be a part of the wikiloops team and make great music! Hope you enjoy the album.ArkRockStudio Creata da: ArkRockStudio il 06/06/2017

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Pexe ArkRockStudio josepssv Hesgone119 Leftdaloops1019 RobM Tofzegrit

match made in Wikiloops!!


Recensione scritta da Leftdaloops1019 il 06/07/2017

ArkRock and Pexe Forever! Some of your most sensitive playing is on these tracks as they are dictated by you and you play well with yourself(you understand th emusic) and you play well with PEXE's tracks. Most very listenable music!

A good set


Recensione scritta da josepssv il 06/12/2017

These mixes and original songs form a beautiful album. Including the cover
wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
cercle from Panama

"I don't visit the site very often, but each time I do my fingers hurt from jamming! Thanks and keep up the good work "

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