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Waterval & Babbazitt

Waterval & Babbazitt
Info su questo album:
dear Ian ... what pleasure times you played with us :) thank you for everything you gave to us .. what a great musician - we loved and we love youAKchen Creata da: AKchen il 07/26/2017

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Enjoy a new energy


Recensione scritta da josepssv il 07/26/2017

"I had great fun playing" "There are many forms of energy to detect"

the memory of the common Waterval time


Recensione scritta da abuitremorem il 07/26/2017

Thanks Andrea thank José for this lovely design of album and picture. It keeps the memory of the common Waterval time awake. When I listen to these tracks, I immediately realize how Ian always opened up new approaches with new ideas.



Recensione scritta da will_C il 07/26/2017


I put some roses here


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 07/27/2017

Ian was easy in any style of music

for Ian


Recensione scritta da ericblom il 07/27/2017

Ian, you go well! thanks for all you gave us!
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