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GlezBass/ArkRockStudio "Tropic of Capricorn Vol. I"

GlezBass/ArkRockStudio "Tropic of Capricorn Vol. I"
Info su questo album:
Glezbass/ArkRockStudio Debut Album-"Tropic of Capricorn Vol. 1." Enjoy the record and happy holidays to all wikiloopers. ArkRockStudio Creata da: ArkRockStudio il 12/23/2017

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Very nice


Recensione scritta da habersack il 12/24/2017

Enjoyed this one. Agree with prior post that this needs headphones to catch the lush textures.

Audio Ear Candy


Recensione scritta da LeftTheLoops9-18 il 12/24/2017

Listened with headphones and had a smile all the way thru. Very enjoyable! Fav track (but all the tracks are great )is probably Minute Rice In San Paulo.


Recensione scritta da Filo974 il 02/04/2021

After the first 2 songs and knowing the two friends, I have to download the album to hear it quietly on my HiFi system again and again because ... too good for me !!!

Two great originals doing what they do best.


Recensione scritta da Wade il 06/17/2020

A wonderful assortment. Better variety and taste than most boxes of chocolates!
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