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Feeling songs.....

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Recensione scritta da Wade il 12/30/2015

Good to see an album that's not just about "MY TRACKS". Great collection of all sorts that have touched you. I am very happy to be a part of this, especially since it's a track we did together that captures and essence of your playfulness.

thank you ...


Recensione scritta da AKchen il 12/30/2015

... for being a part of this wonderful collection .... all songs I enjoy a lot and will download it for my "new" MP3-Player ;) ... different feelings, and all beautiful :) thank you José



Recensione scritta da abuitremorem il 11/09/2016

It is probably a kind of anti-marketing if you do not put your own tracks together. We thank you for the great selection. For me to be an honor.


Recensione scritta da ivax il 04/06/2016

maravilloso Josep

time flows


Recensione scritta da will_C il 01/12/2016

This is a wonderful compilation of music which enjoys time and moves within its flow, instead of just spending it.

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Info su questo album:
Feeling songs.....
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