Oh Yes

Oh Yes
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more fun jams, including my 1000th jam on the loops. Thanks everyone it has been great to play with all of you :)bhunt1 Creata da: bhunt1 il 02/14/2018

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Oh yeah! for Oh Yes


Recensione scritta da BuzzBomber il 03/10/2018

Congrats on 1000 jams, I wanna be like you when i grow up! Buch of cool stuff on here. What is interesting is it is quite diverse, yet has some commonalities or crosscutting threads, which make this a cohesive group oftracks for listening to as a block. bhunt1 establishes solid and identifiable grooves, often exposing structure that was not obvious. Full disclosure, I'm on a track on this album and it is awesome, particularly with the bass! Give it a listen.

Jack Of All Bass Parts (and Master of All)


Recensione scritta da marocon il 02/14/2018

1000 jams!!! Unbelievable! I just can't get over that number, Brian. You are prolific and you play on every sort of music - just dive in and try and find a part that works. And thanks for putting two of the songs I participated in on your collection.
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