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guitar music with friends. I would like to thanks to all brilliant musicians that joined me to make this happen.jjdf Creata da: jjdf il 01/27/2019

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jjdf slin khangurumc Daniel De Faro mandolodda Itocpogo gwailoah Pewi wjl Jypeka FrankieJ ArkRockStudio titi

Old and new...always Classy!


Recensione scritta da Wade il 02/14/2022

Joao embodies a real European tradition in his fine playing that I feel so comfortable with. Obrigado meu amigo pela bela música.

Summer memories


Recensione scritta da Pewi il 02/02/2019

An album that brings joy and reminds us of the summer:) Many thanks that I can be a part of it


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 01/30/2019

Very happy to be included in your works my friend :)

A very very cool album Joao...


Recensione scritta da slin il 01/28/2019

thanks so much for including me on this cool album Joao...;)

What a nice album...


Recensione scritta da wjl il 01/27/2019

I feel honoured and proud that I could be part of this - obrigado João! And thanks also for this wonderful album of yours!
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