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Midsummer, a good moment to overthink. My journey through music is much influenced by this phenomenon Wikiloops. I like to thank two wonderful guy's, wonderful musisians and artistic thinkers, for their presence and artistic workmanship; it helped me a lot. It's a miracle, o yeaahh!ericblom Creata da: ericblom il 07/15/2018

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A common path into the future


Recensione scritta da abuitremorem il 07/15/2018

Thank you Eric for this album. I am very happy about it because it documents a piece of our common new musical path. You and José took me with them - and Wikiloops made that possible. Listening, I understood that this time together also marks a milestone in my life.

thank you Eric


Recensione scritta da AKchen il 07/18/2018

for sharing these fantastic tracks in a very precious album :)

Wonderful and funny


Recensione scritta da josepssv il 07/17/2018

Thank you Eric for this special compilation!! It shows moments in our lives and our interest to build something nice and different :) ;)



Recensione scritta da Pexe il 07/23/2018

Magnific album! "saudades" to play with u guys!
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"If only Wikiloops was around when I was younger, I would be a lot richer as a musician. I,ts great to share. Thanks Wikiloops."

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