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My Music Is Blues

My Music Is Blues
Info su questo album:
I have uploaded many, many blues songs to the Loops, and selecting for this collection has been very hard. The calibre of Blues players on the Loops is off the map. There will be a Volume Two at some time ;). Grateful thanks to Dave (Rickplayer - 5), Stefano (3), hififlutes, Joe (jmrukkers - 3), Ralf (Balfo - 3), Ernie (2), Lenny Cowler, Martin Pointon, Marco (Docnat), Marc (Marceys), Ake (akethesnaker), Keiton, Thierry (Titi), Richard (Baer), Old_Mojo, Danny, Claudia (JamLady), and Don T - you all helping to keep this old dog howling!gwailoah Creata da: gwailoah il 03/16/2021

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Artisti coinvolti:
Baer Old_Mojo Danny gwailoah Rickplayer docnat jmrukkers Balfo jamlady Keiton titi Lenny Cowler Ernie440 akethesnaker Stef HiFiFlutes Don_T mpointon Marceys

Wow what a treat!!!


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 03/22/2021

This is a really coooooool selection of blues songs, I had it running continuously for a few hours. Brian is not only a great blues singer, but his lyrics are so good, too. Some of the funny stuff is really clever, and on the more serious lyrics he punches you in the stomach with some hard hitting observations about people and life. I have had the honour and pleasure to play with this guy live, and I am a BIG fan! The songs in this album also feature some of Wikiloops' finest musicians, so if you like the blues you better download this album and have a listen!

What a wonderful album!


Recensione scritta da wjl il 03/17/2021

Honesty comes to my mind if I had only a single word for this one - simply cool and honest music by some great players here. And then there's Brian of course, what a voice, and what stories to tell... yeah brothers and sisters, that's just great! And "You are evil" reminds me a bit of Popa Chubby, it *is* definitely on that same level. Bravo my friends, and I can't wait for your volume two Brian...

Stick With The Blues


Recensione scritta da Don_T il 03/17/2021

As your song says, just stick with the blues and all will be well my friend. Awesome album you have put together here. Thanks for letting me take a small part in it. Will be looking for volume 2 :)

Big Heart Blues


Recensione scritta da Stef il 03/16/2021

Splendid Blues album Brian! A real pleasure and honor to have taken part in it! My music is Blues .... also applies to me Brother.
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