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Herbstkollektion 2018 by Uloisius

herbstkollektion 2018

herbstkollektion 2018
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10 deutschsprachige Wiki-Songs aus den letzten drei Monaten (Sept.-Nov. 2018). Eine kleine Herbstkollektion ;o)
Vielen Dank an alle beteiligten Musiker und natürlich an Dick, ohne dessen unermüdlichen Einsatz dieses Album nie möglich gewesen wäre ;o) +++++++ 10 German-language wiki-songs from the last three months (Sept.-Nov. 2018). A small autumn collection ;o)
Many thanks to all involved musicians and of course to Dick, without whose tireless efforts this album would never have been possible ;o) Uloisius Creata da: Uloisius il 3 dic 2018

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coole Zusammenstellung


Recensione scritta da AKchen il 3 dic 2018

& danke, dass ich dabei sein darf, Uli :)

Another Great Collection


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 3 dic 2018

Uloisius has a knack for compiling some really great tracks from wikiloops and I'm so honored and pleased to have been included in his latest effort!

Es ist großartig


Recensione scritta da ERWAN il 5 dic 2018

Es ist die ganze Philosophie von Wikilloops, als Team, ohne Grenzen und mit Musik als gemeinsame Sprache. Ich bin froh, Sie im Internet gefunden zu haben. Very nice Album my friend

Feines Album


Recensione scritta da Andel il 4 dic 2018

Danke, dass ich mitwirken durfte.

One more fabulous album


Recensione scritta da ARNOSOLO il 4 dic 2018

Thx so much Ulo for this new fantastic album. I hope we'll listen your voice soon my friend ;-)



Recensione scritta da Mickey il 4 dic 2018

Thank you friend!!

Super music.


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 4 dic 2018

Thank you for adding me in this collection Ulo, I am honored to be a part of a wonderful wikiloops team.



Recensione scritta da Pewi il 3 dic 2018

Eine wirklich sehr schöne Kollektion hast Du da zusammengestellt! Vielen Dank, dass ich dabei sein kann, das freut mich sehr:):)

Love the album


Recensione scritta da frenzie il 3 dic 2018

Thank you for including me,feel honoured and big cueers to uou uli!!:):(



Recensione scritta da ivax il 3 dic 2018

Fantastic Album,Thanks Ulo

Generosity +++


Recensione scritta da Wade il 17 nov 2021

Ulo makes albums with mostly tracks from others! What a wonderful generous spirit who feels that others deserve recognition for their fine musicianship. Hugs to you my friend!
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A great site to improve my piano backing skills. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to become a better player. Nice work Wikiloops!
AndRooM from Australia

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