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Straight Up

Straight Up
Info su questo album:
Straight up, keeping it real :)OliVBee Creata da: OliVBee il 06/20/2019

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I had such fun !


Recensione scritta da Shi il 06/21/2019

My thanks to Oliv for this cool compilation and all the wikiloopsters who added their talents too. I couldn't write lyrics and sing here at the loops without you :)

What a fantastic album again!


Recensione scritta da wjl il 07/18/2019

Downloaded it for offline listening, which I did last evening. And again, wow - another album of the month for me! I've heard some of those tracks, some in other versions, played on one myself, but there are still some new to me - and I'll have to congratulate everyone on these after a bit of sleep. The flute and the trumpet, wow! The guitars. And then of course, Shi. Like I just wrote - fantastic, and thanks and congrats to you all!

Cream of the crop


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 06/25/2019

I don't know what to say that hasn't been said before, but these musicians are on top of their game. I take my hat off each and every one of them, and Oliv done a great job mixing and compiling it. And Shi... you melt my heart with yout voice every time girl :D

The Breathe Keeper


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 06/21/2019

OliV, thank you for giving us your own sound color touch in this kind of collection and for sharing your music and knowledge. This opus quality could make jealous the music industry :) because here the fun is more important than everything!

Straight up they go


Recensione scritta da Dick il 06/21/2019

Thanks for compiling this album Oli! These are some really awesome tracks, and yes, I do have some idea how much extra-love went into polishing these collaborations to this level. You don't have to be a fan of calm/pop/jazzy music to notice the high quality of these songs, and I have this feeling there must be some communications wizard doing some magic in the background :) To anyone in awe of Olis skill in getting his collaborators of choice to join his tunes: Looks like it pays off to be nice, right? wikiloops is well-known as a fun place to upload your ten-minutes-of-fun instant recordings, but what you guys are delivering here is in a completely different production league. I have serious respect for that, so thanks for this amazing album!

Superb tracks


Recensione scritta da Fivestringer il 06/20/2019

Or is it SuperBee tracks? Although I'm very proud and honored to be participant on one of these songs I believe this has not biased my review. The quality Oliv delivers not only by adding to existing or creating new templates and picking participants is high standard. Together with the magical voice of Shi on each of the songs here lies a compilation with well crafted songs for your listening pleasure.

Smooth Soul Food


Recensione scritta da PatrickDA il 08/29/2022

Fantastic work by all collaborators with Shi's voice giving it something special. Production first class!

Album on high proffesional level


Recensione scritta da Krasimir il 08/29/2022

Good selection tracks and tallanted people.

Can't believe the talent...


Recensione scritta da Grathy il 11/29/2019

Top notch all the way. Can't believe the caliber of talent on these tracks. What a great listen.

Simply amazing


Recensione scritta da bluesdog il 09/30/2019

This album meets the highest standards of music production, and it also contains some of the best pop songs I've heard...beautiful, catchy tunes extending into jazzy chord progressions, rhythm changes...kudos to Olivbee's production skills, as well as to all musicians involved.
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