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Uombo 2021

Uombo 2021
Info su questo album:
Uombo was a dog that accompanied me for many years, enduring my solo guitar playing, because he always wanted to be as close to me as possible, we were inseparable, that's why I dedicated him a fictional character in the Loops ...
my sincere gratitude to all of you who have participated or listened to any of his interpretations, it is encouraging to always have someone listening and Playing together,from the distance...ivax Creata da: ivax il 01/18/2021

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Unique Style


Recensione scritta da bhunt1 il 01/19/2021

Xavi has a unique guitar playing style. Crunchy riffs, fluid melodies, smooth playing style. It all works so well together! Well done amigo :)

Thank You Uombo


Recensione scritta da DirkL il 01/18/2021

Many thanks for letting me be part of your album

Great tracks from Xavi (and his dog?)


Recensione scritta da Wade il 01/19/2021

So good to know there are others here with imaginary other memberships. Great tracks that certainly showcase Xavi's fine talent.

The Great Uombo


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 01/19/2021

I had no idea that Uombo was your dog until this album. Very nice my friend. :) Always love your playing and proud to be part of your latest album!!



Recensione scritta da Ezdrummer il 01/19/2021

Simply perfect. As usual...

Super Uombo


Recensione scritta da mrrockero il 01/28/2021

Tremendo disco,un honor ser participe de esta tremenda colección y de canciones y grandes músicos,en simples palabras es dinamita pura y gran tributo a uombo

Mr. Rock


Recensione scritta da fblack il 01/20/2021

The great Xavi is synonymous of rock!!
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