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The Soulfulness of My Musical Friends

The Soulfulness of My Musical Friends
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The only reason any of us horn players have any success is due to the musical collaboration of others, especially keys, guitar, bass, and other musicians because they provide the inspiration with their Incredible Creativity and quality performances. When I listen to these tracks what stands out to me is the luscious progressions, harmonies, melodies, improv and cool vibe laid down by the soulful playing of my Wonderful musical friends. For me “Soul” playing is not just in “Soul" music, it is also in all slow tempos when the musician tugs at your heart as you listen and my friends did that in every second of their playing!!Itocpogo Creata da: Itocpogo il 02/09/2020

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Beautiful and relaxing music


Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 02/10/2020

´This album is very well put together, all the songs "belong" to the same musical direction. I am not a jazz person as such, but I enjoyed this album a lot! Well done to all musicians :W

A Wonderfull Line up


Recensione scritta da deezee il 02/09/2020

Thank you Dan for including mine and the jazzman's :)
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