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Everything Ends Up Blue

Everything Ends Up Blue
Info su questo album:
Sidetracking from my usual Blues and Rock style, these are lyrically driven vocal tracks matched to some magnificent musical progressions from the amazing collective of musicians here on the loops. Shoutouts to Dandiplo and Tofzegrit (Chris - 2), Adu (Andreas), rp3drums, Ernie (4), Arnosolo, BooDoggie, Frank2654, ecsponger, wjl (Wolfgang - 2), FrankieJ (2), jypeka, pewi (Peter), OliveBee, Fishinmissio (Mark) and yenakison, mpointon (Martin), Frank Mil, Marceys and jaesum. A continuing total privilege to be able to pair my lyrics and voice with your musicianship and musical creativity in the hope that the results are found to be worthy of likes. :D:Dgwailoah Creata da: gwailoah il 08/18/2021

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Thanks brother !!


Recensione scritta da BooDoggie il 08/20/2021

Great to be included in your album! :)

Great singer/songwriter


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 08/19/2021

Very happy to be included in your works Brian :)

Really worth the listen!


Recensione scritta da Telemetry il 08/19/2021

Enjoyed your vocals and lyrics Brian. I like your choice of outstanding backing tracks with good musicians. Will download. :)

Wonderful - a new album from Brian :)


Recensione scritta da wjl il 08/18/2021

Thanks for having me my friend - what a pleasure and an honour to be in such good company :) Downloaded already :)
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