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Long Road Back by Johnnievocal

Long Road Back

Long Road Back
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A compilation of excellent wikiloop jams I added lyrics, melodies and vocals to. Thank you to all the talented musicians who worked on creating all these tracks. This is truly an exceptional and unique community of musicians from all over God's green Earth. Johnnievocal Creata da: Johnnievocal il 1 feb 2016

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wunderschönes Album !


Recensione scritta da Uloisius il 20 giu 2017

Habe mir das komplette Album angehört ... tolle Musik und hervorragend von dir gesungen Johnnie ;o)

Nice collection


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 3 feb 2016

Hey Johnnie !
This "Album" option is so cool to "discover" a wikilooper.
These are very good songs with many styles and you do all of them with class.

Great vocals here!


Recensione scritta da SlonMusic il 1 feb 2016

Very cool album, John! Nice to listen this songs again.. Thank you!

GREAT Album!!


Recensione scritta da jamlady il 9 giu 2020

I love this Album!

Great tunes and vocals


Recensione scritta da PaulFellows il 1 mar 2017

Well performed collection of tracks. Not at all "Bad News" :-).

Great Album!


Recensione scritta da cschlote il 15 lug 2016

The album is a nice collection of really good wikiloops templates, which were greatly enhanced by the vocals and melodies John added to them.

I really recommend this nice listening experience.

Nice album


Recensione scritta da Krasimir il 28 mar 2022

Good selection close to proffesional level. Excellent!
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Just a Basement hobbyist but the hours of entertainment wikiloops has brought me and my guitar rig are worth so much more than my (father of 2 little ones) butt can give! Thanks Wikiloops keep up the great work (all of you musicians as well!).
allfeel from United States

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