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Electronic Moods

Electronic Moods
Info su questo album:
Electronic Drums, Sequencers and other artificial sounds scapes / Thanks to all the players🙏 bvveen Creata da: bvveen il 05/23/2021

Mi piace: 9
Ascoltata: 85 volte

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CI Section

Cool Album


Recensione scritta da CI Section il 05/23/2021

Nice compilation - discovering jewels I missed before...

Space trip


Recensione scritta da Cassius il 05/23/2021

Cool electronic album. Easy listening. Love it

Thank You


Recensione scritta da bvveen il 05/26/2021

Thank You Guys for all the reactions and reviews. After being a while on the Loops and discovering some options I didn't see before I compiled 3 albums with tracks that felt good to go together. I am having a very good time on the loops and I am happy with the opportunity to make music with so many people and participating in different styles of music and every day learning something new. Thanks to all the players and participants in the albums. There is more to come 😃
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