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You Play On

You Play On
Info su questo album:
My special thanks to all the wonderful musicians whom to accompany I had the great pleasure and honour again.
Thanks to Dick & family as always.
Photo: "Photo of Woman Sitting on Chair", Jorge Fakhouri Filho
https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-woman-sitting-on-chair-2530717/wjl Creata da: wjl il 08/05/2021

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Super playlist


Recensione scritta da Jypeka il 08/07/2021

... And great discoveries (for my watchlist) thank you man

Mister Sweet Bass!


Recensione scritta da gwailoah il 08/19/2021

What I like about Wolfgang’s bass is that it never seeks to overpower - it punctuates and adds and glues and raises the tracks he selects to new levels. And his sense of production is excellent - always an enhancer of every track he visits. This album features some fine collaborations with some of Wikiloops’ finest, with a particular affinity for tracks featuring the singing of Shi. It is an eminently listenable album, superbly produced, and seriously worth a listen. Or two.

Gefällt mir sehr


Recensione scritta da Pewi il 08/09/2021

Bin aus meinem Urlaub zurück und höre mir soeben diese wunderbare Sammlung an. Gefällt mir sehr und natürlich freue ich mich, dass ich auch dabei sein darf! Vielen Dank:)



Recensione scritta da AnneCozean il 08/08/2021

Thank you for this, Wolfgang. Now to splurge and truly listen to what's happening on this album. So tickled to be part of it. I am grateful!

Awesome Collection


Recensione scritta da deezee il 08/06/2021

Thanks for including me, I loved them all Wolfgang :)

Great collection of music.


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 08/05/2021

Thank you for including me on this album Wolfgang.

lots of variety


Recensione scritta da Shi il 08/05/2021

thanks so much for including me on this cool collection Wolfgang :) enjoyed the listen :)

superb collection


Recensione scritta da ERWAN il 08/05/2021

the playlist is fun to listen to, I'm happy to be with you on this album
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