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Saturday Jazz

Saturday Jazz
Info su questo album:
Selection of Jazz Jam tracks ,done with my WIKI friends.Krasimir Creata da: Krasimir il 08/27/2022

Mi piace: 6
Ascoltata: 89 volte

Artisti coinvolti:
Balfo Itocpogo Krasimir M4fp Bradford PJE Blazer Marceys Alex Sarikov titi hartmut eothen kucho OliVBee Al-Fadista wjl Stamim2000 deezee FDLDJ

Saturday Jazz Album


Recensione scritta da FDLDJ il 08/30/2022

Hi Krasimir, :) thank you for including me in this very nice Jazz album of yours! ;)

Another great collection


Recensione scritta da deezee il 08/29/2022

Thank you for including me again Krasimir always a pleasure :)

Snazzy Jazz


Recensione scritta da davidaustin il 08/28/2022

Another cool collection of music Krasimir.

Lounge jazz music


Recensione scritta da Krasimir il 08/28/2022

I listen again this album and noticed that this is more light jazz, lounge jazz. Of course this qualification did not reduce the quality.

In the park


Recensione scritta da Bradford il 08/27/2022

Thanks for including me in your compilation. Always enjoy your music. Brad

Cool Jazz


Recensione scritta da Itocpogo il 08/27/2022

A Joy to listen to all this Wonderful Jazz!!! Thank You so much for including me!!!

Holydays on jazz


Recensione scritta da M4fp il 08/27/2022

Thanks for including me on this nice collection.🙏
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