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Boogie Tracks Vol.2

Boogie Tracks Vol.2
Info su questo album:
Many years have passed since my first collaboration on the wonderful musical planet Wikiloops and I begin to feel the desire to collect by genre some tracks in which I played with fantastic musicians without whom all this would not have been possible.
The first musical genre in question is the Boogie Blues which I have always particularly loved. It was really impossible for me to limit myself to just one album and so this is the second volume of 14 tracks.
Still endless thanks to all the musician friends involved and to Wikiloops.Stef Creata da: Stef il 09/15/2022

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Dancing Keys


Recensione scritta da Bothen il 09/18/2022

Excellent album and a great listen Stef!! I am once again honored you included me on it. :)

Boogie Time


Recensione scritta da peatric il 09/16/2022

great choice Stefano, I like it very much

Awesome Boogie Keys


Recensione scritta da Ernie440 il 09/15/2022

Wow, great Stef, this is toe tapping happy music from one of the top wiki masters ... I sure am glad to be part of this project! :W:D



Recensione scritta da slin il 09/26/2022

a fantastic album Stef and thanks for including me here.;)
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