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Amazing Wiki Vocals - Anne Cozean

Amazing Wiki Vocals - Anne Cozean
Info su questo album:
In my years of musical activity in Wikiloops I have been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing female singers each with different vocal characteristics and styles but all musically engaging. Hence the desire to produce three single monographic albums, each dedicated to one of them, which contain songs that mean a lot to me.
This first album is dedicated to Anne Cozean, an extraordinary voice and personality. It was really difficult for me to select these 14 songs, almost impossible to make a ranking of the great emotions that Anne has the gift of arousing listening to her wonderful voice. A huge thank you to Anne and all the amazing musicians who made this possible.
Stef Creata da: Stef il 09/19/2022

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Beautiful Bouquet


Recensione scritta da AnneCozean il 09/25/2022

Stefano, I'm so honored to be part of these songs. You've chosen well from our field of flowers! It's such a delicious feeling to forget them and them remember them all over again. You are a man of soul and spirit - and your fingers transmit what is in your heart without censor. Our partnership is one I will forever treasure. Much love to you for these songs. May there be many more!

Amazing voice


Recensione scritta da BB6 il 09/20/2022

What an introduction to Anne's voice! First time I heard her and the first track on the album - Did You Want Me - is stunning (and the best recording on the album I think) so you got me straight away. Great musicians to go with it, but Anne's voice lifts everything to another level. :-)

A dream to listen to this album


Recensione scritta da Baerenkind il 09/20/2022

Wow, great selection and great work from all musicians. Anne is simply brilliant. I like it very much.
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