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AsMaRaDaNa by aleonz


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Asmaradana derived from Asmara and Dhana. Asmara is the name of the god of love. Dhana is Dahana derived from the word which means fire, or Dana meaning to give or gift. In Javanese culture there is an old classic poetry called Asmaradana, a poetry that has to be sung when read.

In Malay tradition Asmaradana is the classic love story.

Some people defined it as the purest love that given without expecting to be loved. But the essence of this word is Love.

I love everything about asmaradana, the sound when you say it, the story behind it, the meaning and all the things about this little word.

I called this album Asmaradana, because all the tracks that I picked for this album is about that beauty feeling of love.

Thank you for everyone who create the song and involve on these album, from the deepest of my heart....Thank you!

aleonz Creata da: aleonz il 24 dic 2015

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The Wonderful Alice


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 24 dic 2015

What can I say about Alice?
I’ve been in the music business for 45 years at many levels
and NEVER have I encountered an Alice.
Such a gifted songwriter, vocalist and player. And a nice person.

I am honored to be here.
Keep flying to the sky Alice.

So beautiful, the love may listen ;o)


Recensione scritta da Uloisius il 1 gen 2016

What a beautiful colorful bouquet of love ballads ;o)
I've also heard this album during a morning walk with the dogs through the gray and foggy morning of New Year's Day.
Outstanding funky duets with Marc, I hope you sing together more often ;o)
Both Thumbs for "AsMaRaDaNa" ;o)

Merry X-Mas


Recensione scritta da Marceys il 24 dic 2015

Hey Alice,

So glad you found WikiLoops! And love is always a good thing to sing about! You have made a lot of really great songs with such a high delivery!
Way cool that I could be part of that in a lot of songs!

Great albumpicture Alice!

Have a loveley X-Mas!

Everything she sings is captivating!


Recensione scritta da JoeOnBass il 29 dic 2020

So enthralled with Alice's voice, I've recorded bass guitar to 31 tracks that feature her talents so far through Wikiloops. She's brought together an array of amazing artists that have created music the world should hear, and I'd be happy to make that happen, any time!
wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
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I´m not a very good guitarist but this site is awesome. Will keep on supporting :-) Greetings from Germany :-)
Chuck Stew from Germany

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