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Sing me a song by josepssv

Sing me a song

Sing me a song
Info su questo album

Wikiloops Duets.
Volume IV ;) josepssv Creata da: josepssv il 26 ago 2016

Mi piace: 18
Ascoltata: 2876 volte

Artisti coinvolti

beautiful little collection ;o)


Recensione scritta da Uloisius il 26 ago 2016

Thanks for letting me be there ;o)



Recensione scritta da AKchen il 26 ago 2016

and what a cover, WOW!!

thank you ♥


Recensione scritta da AKchen il 26 ago 2016

dear José for this collection ... feeling so happy and honored

entre amigos


Recensione scritta da ivax il 28 ago 2016

hey Josep :) fantastica coleccion ,gracias por incluir esta pieza de Alice y Balfo,que yo me empeñé en que sonara en castellano y chapurreando el ingles,la dejé caer con todo el cariño del mundo...me alegra formar parte de tu colección...gracias amigo y gracias a todos los wikiloopers :)


Recensione scritta da ericblom il 27 ago 2016

What a great idea to put together a album like this. a good reflection of WikiLoops and it's wonderful musisians.


Recensione scritta da ROBJOL il 26 ago 2016

I also am honoured to be part of this selection.

the most beautiful duets


Recensione scritta da abuitremorem il 26 ago 2016

Here the most beautiful duets presented in wikiloops. A great view to this database. I appreciate such compilations, promote wikiloops as a whole. Wonderful, that I may be there as well.
wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
tron12 from Ireland

"When I first seen this site I just could not believe the things you could do with other musicians, gone from strength to strength and its all dong to everyone as great musicians, long may it continue. "

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