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Hammond On Fire

Hammond On Fire
Info su questo album:
Burning Hammond Actionjmrukkers Creata da: jmrukkers il 02/26/2016

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Ascoltata: 2718 volte

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Hammond for ever!


Recensione scritta da Stef il 04/19/2016

Wonderful tracks, wonderful sound....wonderful playing Joe!
We share the passion for this superb musical instrument, and is great pleasure for me to hear him play by a great musician like you!

Awesome Album


Recensione scritta da Don_T il 07/17/2018

That hammond sounds wonderful and you play it so well. Thanks for sharing such a great album with us

Yes Fire!


Recensione scritta da Leftdaloops1019 il 09/18/2016

Thanks for the Hammond Album! It's such a beautiful sound and you play it so well!

Wunderbares Album;o)


Recensione scritta da Uloisius il 09/18/2016

Für alle die wie ich den Klang der Hammond-Orgel mögen ist dieses Album ein MUSS ;o)
Vielen Dank für das tolle Album Joe ;o)



Recensione scritta da Keiton il 03/10/2016

his Hammond is cozy sound for us at here! :)

Hammond: Love the sound


Recensione scritta da BossHen il 03/02/2016

Great album and feel privileged to be featured. Your Hammond is one of the sounds on Wikiloops that has been a real pleasure to discover . Keep on putting up those tracks

The legendary Hammond


Recensione scritta da SlonMusic il 02/27/2016

Love this great instrument! Great tracks here, JM!

Always a pleasure


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 02/26/2016

Thanks for sharing your music and your passion for this incredible and intemporal instrument

Burn it down!


Recensione scritta da Marceys il 02/26/2016

Very cool collection of hammond tracks!

Love every one them! Way cool to be part of it too!


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