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Wikigrooves by mpointon


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My happy place: just playing grooves with the the huge collective talent of Wikiloops. Whenever I'm feeling lost, down or whatever, this is where I go with my drums. Keeping time simple but trying to make everything feel as good as possible.

This collection of tracks are some of the ones I feel everyone just got 'right'. I wish I could've added more.

Thank you all! I would say you rock but no, you groove! mpointon Creata da: mpointon il 10 mar 2016

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Pure Groove Fun


Recensione scritta da R1772 il 16 apr 2016

Hi Martin,
this album is pure groove fun, full of fantastic ideas by great musicians. And -last not least- full of your outstanding drumming art. If you are searching for an example of how to refine well done grooving songs with suitable drums: Look no further, listen to this!

Super Groove!


Recensione scritta da aleonz il 12 mar 2016

Love this compilation Martin! will be a great bundle to listen up , it surely will be a great mood booster! your drums as always and no doubt, gave that tasty groove flavor ! love this album so much!

So lucky to be part of this ride!


Love it!


Recensione scritta da Marceys il 10 mar 2016

Hey Martin,

That is a cool album you have created here and not just because I'm on almost every track :) .....
Love the way these musicians give direction to tracks in such a groovy way! Your drumming is essential to these tracks and give steadyness, structure, coolness, lifting to tracks! Way Cool!

Hope to do a lot more tracks together with you of course and all of the good musicians here!



Giving the groove.


Recensione scritta da Wade il 24 set 2016

Whole lot of tasteful drumming with a great cast of players.

Very good Drummer...


Recensione scritta da adu il 20 apr 2016

...and a friendly Guy who knows his Drums very well. Super Album, Martin! :)

Master Player


Recensione scritta da FrankieJ il 11 mar 2016

Really cool album Martin.
Amazingly, a couple tracks I have not heard before.
I really enjoy and respect your playing.

It is an honor to be included here.




Recensione scritta da kennyadry il 10 mar 2016

I have to thank that because of this I was able to find some of the grooviest which I haven't heard yet! Love it a lot!!

Poom Poom Tchak Pada Psh Psh Poom Dong Paf


Recensione scritta da Tofzegrit il 10 mar 2016

I have not an neutral advice about but...
M E R C I Martin!
Listening to the first track already push you to stay and move your body and refresh your mood.
Feeling, groove, funky, Fun, Power, Energy, Together... Music

the cool groovy drummer :)


Recensione scritta da OliVBee il 10 mar 2016

man that's a cool groovy collection ! awsome talents united in one groovy community ... wikiloops powah ;)
needless to say you're a joy to collaborate with ...
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Great fun for all, a great way of learning to improvise. best musical web site I have come across, cannot put the guitar down now!
davidaustin from England

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