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Hammond In The House

Hammond In The House
Info su questo album:
Selection of tracks from Wikiloops featuring the Hammond organ by jmrukkers. With thanks to all the contributors on Wikiloops.comjmrukkers Creata da: jmrukkers il 04/09/2016

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I like to play with him so much.


Recensione scritta da Keiton il 04/11/2016

Joe is the best Hammond player in around me. Always his play will continue to give a surprise when I heard for the first time. The sound and play to thrilled us. And he's all-round player. Blues, rock and funk... indeed Joe can play in any genre!!!

Joe isn´t only ....


Recensione scritta da adu il 04/17/2016

...a Hammond Player! He is a great musician! He can play nearly everything. But the most, i like him, for his coolness. He didn´t want to hear something like this: "He is a cool musician!" But i say it now and i know him, coooool Guy! ;) Joe, fab Album and btw nice Girl on the Cover :D

A Great Hammond Man!


Recensione scritta da Stef il 04/16/2016

Great music and great skill from a great virtuoso and lover of this wonderful musical instrument. Joe, is always a great pleasure to listen to the beautiful sounds that you offer with your great Hammond and this album is tangible proof.

Cigar Box Bass and Hammond Master!


Recensione scritta da gwailoah il 05/16/2018

Very eclectic choice of tracks here showcasing Joe's versatility across a range of musical genres. A most enjoyable listen. Danke schoen!! :):)

Gotta love


Recensione scritta da frenzie il 05/15/2018

Your impressive job on thr hammond joe! And the album cover ;)

Any track with JMRukkers is a jam!


Recensione scritta da LeftTheLoops9-18 il 01/06/2018

If you love Hammond ( or bass) check out all his tracks!

fantastisch ;o)


Recensione scritta da Uloisius il 05/06/2016

Niemand spielt die Hammond so cool wie du Joe. Absolut gelungenes Album ;o)
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