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When the wind touches the wood 2 by Navota

When the wind touches the wood 2

When the wind touches the wood 2
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Want to thank all of you for the music.
It was wonderful to meet some of you in Steinfeld at the membermeeting that makes this year very special So here are some of my favorite tracks of 2017 Navota Creata da: Navota il 31 dic 2017

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come back to roots


Recensione scritta da earlsteven il 1 gen 2018

so great to find thisone, to become a chill out from the last heavy days!thanks to navota and the great musikisses on this side.....

Amazing sounds amazing album


Recensione scritta da Offfocus il 1 gen 2018

Navota, your flute gives all the songs such an amazing flavour of being played really by hand and heart!! I am very grateful to be part of the album!

One word: respect


Recensione scritta da ROBJOL il 1 gen 2018

This music inspire me the respect of nature. Thank you Navota.



Recensione scritta da adu il 1 gen 2018

This is really an album to come down and relax! Thank you so much for your music !

So proud to be here


Recensione scritta da ARNOSOLO il 31 dic 2017

Thx a lot Navota ! So proud to be in this album with so much amazing musicians. My best wishes for this new year !
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