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When I Was Young

When I Was Young
Info su questo album:
My 2nd album! The title track is one of my all time favorites. Many thanks to all of the fine musicians that contributed to this effort. Long live Wikiloops!ALawrence1 Creata da: ALawrence1 il 05/24/2016

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Recensione scritta da frenzie il 05/24/2016

I am happy and proud to be on this album andrea has made me happy with her clear and alt-type country voice, and lyrics about love lost and gained, a mix of wonderful ballads and country songs, an album to enjoy! :)

One of my favorite singers


Recensione scritta da ROBJOL il 04/08/2021

Always a pleasure to hear your "country-blues" voice. And happy to be part of this very nice album.

the art of Andrea


Recensione scritta da ivax il 11/10/2016

Thank you Andrea for your style, and remember that always, your music keeps us young....
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