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GemmyF Y los Amigos
Here is a collection of songs I've sung, recently yet a few are old ones.
So sorry there were a few I had to leave out as I had too many!

These songs range from the serious to very serious and seriously mad(crazy or goofy)(depending on your take) Anyway hope you enjoy! It was great pleasure to work with all the musicians on this album! Leftdaloops1019 Creata da: Leftdaloops1019 il 11/13/2016

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Jim, the Charming Singing


Recensione scritta da ivax il 11/14/2016

Another excellent album full of magic and art my friend Jim... Thank you for all that you bring to the music...

Yes! another great SingSomeSongs


Recensione scritta da Demian il 11/02/2018

great recopiltion Jim, very nice songs from the 80's! so glad to be part of your album. You are a great singer, full of personality.
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