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Ulo`s Keller II (Party-Keller)

Ulo`s Keller II (Party-Keller)
Info su questo album:
Hello, back in the Keller.
I feel very happy that this album has become reality.
In the basement a great party has started with all the cool buddies here from wikiloops. It`s a pleasure to celebrate with all of you.
SPECIAL THANK to Gemmy, who did designed the crazy cover with all participating musicians of the album - thank you for all the effort and positive energy you gave to us ...
The album was created between November 22th and December 11th 2016.
You are all invited ... feel at home ... and welcome to the Keller ... Uloisius Creata da: Uloisius il 12/11/2016

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concept - concept - concept


Recensione scritta da Leftdaloops1019 il 12/12/2016

So Uli is like a bull dog with your best pair of shoes when you are trying to get them out of it's chewing jaws. Sometimes even a smack with rolled up newspaper to the rear-end the bull dog, wont cause it let it go! You just might as well plan on getting a new pair of shoes. So we have the Keller Party! II as a matter of fact. When I first hear that Pewi and Voodooking were invited into the Keller, I reminded them that their mothers would be ashamed of them. All the sudden I found myself in the Keller........ So I went and got myself a new pair of flip-flops. Now for the review. ALBUMS are cool!!!!! They are a great way to listen to an artist and an artist's point of view, musically....et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Though Uli's choices for music are thematic there is a nice variety of genres. Take the first tune! Voodooking is obvious a highly skilled player! And Pewi puts in one of his finest plays(IMO) on the flute. SUPER!. Uli just fits so beautifully over the music, like a glove on a hand! Very great start to the album. From that point on, the players and their music is stellar(ha think that's funny don't ya!) and how Uli relates and interprets the music is like--- one million percent far superior than google translate! I mean it seems like all this was worked out before hand. Well don't you think the bull dog is planning to get those shoes...... Such cool, quirky, unique tracks, I think, I'm gonna give up listening to Taylor Swift, Cold Play and Beyonce and just find ALBUMs on wikiloops to listen to.

big party


Recensione scritta da jjdf il 12/11/2016

It's a privilegie to be part of this excelent álbum...thanks my friends... :)



Recensione scritta da Andel il 12/11/2016

The man with the million ideas. Just amazing !!! Großartig Ulo. Absolut kreativ :)

Great Party


Recensione scritta da ivax il 12/11/2016

awesome Album, full of great musicians and friends

The Show Must Go On !!


Recensione scritta da frankyguitar il 12/11/2016

Ich hab's schon sehnsüchtig erwartet Uli!! Ist großartig geworden, schließlich kenne ich schon jeden einzelnen Song :) Doch nun kann ich mir alles nochmal in Ruhe reinziehen und mir die volle Dosis verpassen ohne zappen zu müssen! Und ganz klar bin ich auch ein bisschen stolz hier dabei zu sein!! Dankeschön dafür und für dieses sehr coole Konzeptalbum !! Yeah, the Show Must Go On !! :D

It lives in the cellar


Recensione scritta da Pewi il 12/13/2016

Ich habe mich richtig auf dieses Projekt gefreut. Allein die Idee ist genial, dann sind da Deine guten Texte und nicht zu vergessen, deine unglaubliche Stimme. Wahrscheinlich ist es nicht schwer zu erraten, ich bin ein Fan und bin stolz, mit euch allen im Keller zu sein. I was really looking forward to this project. Just the idea is awesome, then there are your good lyrics and not to forget, your incredible voice. Probably it is not difficult to guess, I am a fan and am proud to be with you all in the basement.

Ulo`s keller...


Recensione scritta da slin il 12/12/2016

very cool to be a part of this great album Uloisius,thanks so much...

A new Keller Master!


Recensione scritta da Wade il 12/12/2016

Used to be we thought of wine...no longer the cellar is where to find talent surrounding our philosophical and metaphorical host. A mix of fun and fear of the outside world. Come in, get comfortable, listen, play, loose yourself...you won't want to leave.

Ulo at his very best.


Recensione scritta da nilton il 12/12/2016

Highly interesting tunes with even more interesting, spot on lyrics. Cant get much better within that context

genious idea !!


Recensione scritta da AKchen il 12/11/2016

what cool cool idea this album is ... that whispering, the whole creation, the cover of Gemmy -> AWESOMENESS :D .... thank you so much for invitation

What a ride!


Recensione scritta da moonchild il 01/26/2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album, mostly because of Uloisius' iconic voice! So unique and pleasing to my ear! And thank you for the honor of a little space in the keller party! :D



Recensione scritta da TeeGee il 01/05/2017

Ich hatte schon einige Lieder davon gehört, und jetzt nochmal das ganze in einem Stück. Tolles Projekt! Super Lieder, Album Cover, concept, alles gut. Das einzige schlechte is das ich nicht mit dabei war im Keller :( Sonst echt Klasse!!

Ooh! Party-Keller!!


Recensione scritta da josepssv il 01/02/2017

Exciting sensitivity in a low voice

That's some awesome keller!


Recensione scritta da Marceys il 12/20/2016

Love it Uloisius! Great coverart too! Marc
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