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  1. Settembre 11 2021
    Unplugged remixato da MikeB al/alla Percussioni, Basso & Tastiera Traccia # 226269
    Alien Lounge Muzak Exercise
    di MikeB
  2. Settembre 08 2021
    Electronic remixato da MikeB al/alla Percussioni & Tastiera Traccia # 226037
    Ducker Verb
    di MikeB
  3. Settembre 03 2021
    Electronic remixato da MikeB al/alla Sequencer, Basso & Tastiera Traccia # 225602
    Ambient Analog Dub Space
    di MikeB
  4. Luglio 04 2021
    Electronic remixato da MikeB al/alla Percussioni & Tastiera Traccia # 221634
    Okay, player B
    di gangophone & MikeB
  5. Maggio 21 2021
    Electronic remixato da MikeB al/alla Sequencer, Basso & Tastiera Traccia # 218456
    Disco Vignettes
    di MikeB
  6. Novembre 10 2020
    Electronic remixato da MikeB al/alla Tastiera, Basso & Tastiera Traccia # 202780
    di MikeB


Biografia e influenze musicali

Houston based. Very Big city. Suburban outskirts dweller. Music venues nearby: one metal club. (Not a metal player).
Lived around Texas for many years (better clubs in Austin). Living home town nowadays.

Influences include the likes of 70's n 80's rock n' rollers, dub-reggae, bluegrass, jazz, and current trends in electronic music.
Nowadays, I listen to radio stations streaming on the net. Listened to thewordradio out of Belgium for many years. Listened to somafm a lot.
Currently, hooked on ambientradio.net. Music streams from Canada in French.


Bass ukuleles.
Full size keyboard workstation. Various other midi keyboards.

Tenor and Baritone ukuleles.

dispositivi di registrazione

Mac notebook hooked up to 77 midi keyboard, 61 key midi keys,
soundbox, some midi controllers. iPad drum machines.
Most of my contributions are computer generated. Using various daws and vst instruments for different activities.

Recently, I've gotten into ukulele basses. Now own fretless solid body, fretless acoustic, and acoustic-electric fretted.
I've been contributing with these lately.

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