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  1. Agosto 11 2022
    World remixato da MikeyJ al/alla Tastiera, Flauto & Batteria Traccia # 249755
    di MikeyJ
  2. Agosto 05 2022
    Blues remixato da MikeyJ al/alla Tastiera Traccia # 249393
    Tears are passing by (live)
  3. Luglio 12 2022
    Rock remixato da MikeyJ al/alla Tastiera Traccia # 248046
    El Octavo Sentido
  4. Luglio 08 2022
    World remixato da MikeyJ al/alla Tastiera Traccia # 247799
    Spirits of the Plains
    di MikeyJ
  5. Luglio 05 2022
    Funk remixato da MikeyJ al/alla Tastiera Traccia # 247568


Biografia e influenze musicali

Influences :
Blues,boogie piano from the likes of Albert Ammons ,Otis Spann,Jerry Lee Lewis
Keys Keith Emerson, Pete Bardens(Camel),Jon Lord ,Rod Argent,BrianAuger,Chick Corea, Cory Henry
Music - eclectic taste from 60’s psychedelia, electric blues, prog rock, traditional folk to heavy metal with a bit of modern jazz ,jazz funk and classical thrown in

In my younger days played in a number of semi pro bands ranging from soul/funk , blues rock , prog rock ,cabaret covers to folk rock / ceilidh band and even accompanying ( and dancing with ! ) a Morris dance group.Then disappeared into a bit of a musical wasteland for over twenty years until last year when I began playing again.
Only recently discovered the Loops and it has been a godsend and inspiration



Currently only using a midi key controller ( M-Audio Keystation 3) linked to iPad using keyboard and synth samples from various apps -mainly Korg module and Numa player for piano,SynthMaster for synth, Galileo and GarageBand for organ and Thumbjam for various other instruments

Whistles ( main ones I use)
High. D Tony Dixon , Killarney brass
Bb Generation brass
Alto. A McNeela Wild Irish
G James Becker
Low. F Susato
D Kerry Optima , Susato

Would love to own one of the new Nord stage pianos and an original Hammond B3 with Leslie tone cabinet

dispositivi di registrazione

iPad with GarageBand , cheapo eBay condenser microphone

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