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Addin' some low end to an oldie but goodie of zamzam's .. thanks for the cool jam Zam! :);)
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funky trance music


is this what it's like in Chester's brain or your's
whilst you go about your hoeing?

The NSRS Society seal of approval!(got it from the highest authority)
Maggio 28 2017 00:21:55
Ernie440 *chuckle* Lovely just lovely!! Thanks Jammy!! :) +1
There's another one that's tight and right Ernie!+1
Maggio 28 2017 00:20:16
Ernie440 hey Ron, thanks a lot man! :D +0
this bass line is really cool Ernie...:W+1
Maggio 28 2017 00:19:52
Ernie440 hey Nils, cheers buddy, thanks a lot!! :) +1
Major 3rd
another zam zam awesome jam! Great bass add sound and flow Ernie. perfect!!!..cheers+1
Maggio 28 2017 00:19:29
Major 3rd
Ernie440 thanks my friend!! :D +0
Maggio 28 2017 00:19:14
Ernie440 :);) +0
Damn Ernie,
you really a busy guy too !! :D
Very good bass add to Mr. Zam ²
Maggio 28 2017 00:19:04
Ernie440 Danke Mr. Guitar! :) +1
Another great bass take on this Jam-man classic...does that mean I get to have another crack at it too?+1
Maggio 28 2017 02:48:27
Ernie440 thank U! Sure you can take a crack at it .. I don't see U in any previous takes ... :) +1
Maggio 28 2017 05:02:09
Wade Ha! You don't know about my multiple personalities. Check out 98833. There are others sax/axe wielding characters lurking as well. +1
Maggio 28 2017 12:47:25
Ernie440 O-I-C! haha .. good idea, makes the loops look like it has more saxophonists too! :) +1
Maggio 29 2017 00:25:38
Wade Never thought about making the site seem like it had more sax players (is that good?). Has more to do with giving the site more financial supporters and my personal need to be able to post more tracks at times. That may seem strange to you as you often post several a day, and it's no big deal. This site's "core" is about guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. Everything else is peripheral and of little interest. I've experimented with and observed what happens when "non-core" instruments post more than a few tunes a week...nobody wants to listen. So with more memberships it's possible to post more than a few tunes a week. One can also use them for different styles. I know it's weird...just take my word for it: playing sax is more similar (in its appeal) to playing a Sousaphone than it is to playing a bass or guitar. +1
Maggio 29 2017 14:46:58
Ernie440 Yeah I guess, never thought about that aspect of playing a sax, of course you are limited to some extent to which tunes are suitable, etc.. On a positive side, in a band, lots of times a sax player will be standing, swaying and grinning when his part is over while the bass player (for example) is sweating and beating the skin off the ends of his fingers for hours on end .. haha! :) +1
Lenny Cowler
again perfect line:)+1
Maggio 28 2017 13:51:11
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 Gracias my friend :W +1
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