Ooga Da Boogedy, the Prison Barber

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United States
BuzzBomber344 jams

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I was walking through a long narrow concrete hallway on a job site and noticed myself singing in the Echo-y space. I came back at the end of the day to try to sing something in there capturing natural reverb. It was interesting because the effect changed as I moved through the tunnel. A 25 year old News of the Weird item by Chuck Shepard popped into my head. A prison Barber named Ooga Da Boogedy who had an ...


francisco al
ótima produção, amigo BuzzBomber+1
Agosto 24 2018 21:27:41
francisco al
BuzzBomber hello friend francisco al! thanks for your support! +0
Haha lot of fun Buzz worked out pretty good. Love it:)<3+1
Agosto 23 2018 05:19:16
BuzzBomber Thanks! just experimenting y'know? Of course you do! +0
Buzz for me it sounds very good. Without your comment I would not have realized that this is a natural reverb :( But that's great !!! And for a recording with the phone - fantastic !!! It seems to me that I hear a certain imbalance in the room. It's also understandable, since you could not use a compressor, I love your experiments and learn :) Thank you very much !!!:)+1
Agosto 23 2018 13:30:45
BuzzBomber I knew a these technical details would interest a few friends, and be almost indistinguishable from digital. it is cool because i paced in the hallway and the echo changes. I accidentally chose headphones with a built in mic. The phone's mic has a lot less noise, so i may try again. I also mentioned it because the echo inspired the track, if that makes sense +1
wow what a cool idea Dave it sounds really cool...;););)+1
Agosto 23 2018 22:44:13
BuzzBomber Thanks! This one came about in an unusual way... I also wound up "doing" a voice +1
Agosto 24 2018 05:16:06
BuzzBomber Thanx! this represents a couple of ideas coming together for me! +1
hello and thank you francisco al! I hope the day finds you well!

olá e obrigado francisco al! Espero que o dia te encontre bem!
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