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A bit of 3/4 fun here. Based on a track I used to play years and years ago for a band. I've filed it under pop as I don't know what other genre to put it under! Basically an ostinato tom pattern going into a bridge section where the snare counters the time signature by playing on every other beat. Rinse and repeat, introducing a ticking, then splashing, hi-hat until a Middle 8 section in regular 12/8-style time. Then back to ...


Cool drums Martin:Y+2
Cool. I did something like that lately, a "fretless waltz" :)+2
nice one :) love the 12/8 and the outro !+1
Feels like a five four but with the extra beat. Going to watch this one! Very cool.+1
Aprile 13 2019 11:04:53
mpointon I see what you mean. The bridge sections actually do sound confusing - like a 2/4 double time - now I'm away from the context of playing the track. That was the point, of course, but it's funny how it trips over my brain sometimes and I played it! +1
Always Precise and inventively Cool timekeeping Martin love how you put your templates together and the thoughtful detail thats always included. You have technical ability in spades and even more importantly fantastic heart and feel!!
Great drummer/music ambassador.
Aprile 13 2019 10:59:15
mpointon Thank you for your kind comments! :) It's what I strive to achieve - to challenge myself whilst also providing something that's hopefully useful to others.

In this case, it's very much a four-way coordination exercise for me. As drummers, I feel templates are often hard to do but it's what everyone really wants to help them do their thing.

On the one hand, it's our job to provide time for others and 95% of the time it's just 'time' - four-on-the-floor, etc. - and demand for more 'esoteric' drumming is understandably fairly low! On the other hand, we have to push ourselves at the same time!

And that's my thinking most of the time: how do I give players the good time they need whilst also pushing my boundaries a bit at the same time. My way for this a lot of the time is to focus on how 'good' I can make it feel and how well I can play it. Basically 'how I play' rather than 'what I play', if that makes sense!

This template also reminds me I really, really need to replace my tom heads, especially the 10". It must be five years old and it's tonally so flat!
Great sound and dynamics! Love the way it is build, gives a lot of possibilities! :)+0
Lenny Cowler
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