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[img]https://media.giphy.com/media/y7Vdxx9BTDbeo/giphy.gif[/img] Dear Arnosolo, a thousand thanks for your wonderful guitar playing and a special thank you to AKchen for the vocal mix. I hope you like the song ;o) #Sapiens
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#Sapiens, Earthlings, History,


oh isn't this lovely :)+2
Aprile 25 2020 20:26:12
Uloisius Thank you very much dear Shi ;o) +1
Beautiful song my friend.+2
Aprile 25 2020 20:26:38
Uloisius Thank you very much Robert ;o) +1
Beautiful Ulo congratulations to you, Andrea and Arno wonderful to listen my friend<3:W:)+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:27:16
Uloisius Thank you very much Peter ;o) +1
beautiful song :)+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:27:41
Uloisius Thank you very much my friend ;o) +1
wunderschöbner song Ulo! Erinnert mich an die E:)ntwicklung der Steinwerkzeuge....+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:28:41
Uloisius Vielen Dank Renè, jouh, damals lief noch alles nach Plan ;o) +0
So good to be hearing from you. Hopefully you are well and safe. Excellent singing and mix, and as always your lyrics are poignant.+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:32:41
Uloisius Thank you very much dear, I recently read a book about human history from hunters and gatherers to the present and future. I have the idea to make an album on this topic and this would be the first song. Have to see if I can keep my morale high and then finish the project, it would not be the first time ;o) +1
Aprile 25 2020 22:02:31
Wade I don't know if you are like me. Long projects require determination to continue when sometimes you heart isn't wanting to continue. If not finished though, then it becomes worse as it's wasted time and a failure. I've had to learn this lesson the hard way in taking on projects in forestry that are taking more than 30 years of my life, and still not finished. Should I quit now? That would be the worst thing that could happen, I'd be admitting to my life being over. +1
Aprile 25 2020 23:29:19
Uloisius That is of course a blatant example with the 30 years, it is a whole phase of life, part of your life's work, I could hardly imagine just stopping now. If this went to waste with the album then it is just so, the songs that have been created up to then are still there, for me the decision to stop this project would be much easier than it would be for you. But, I am in good spirits and so far I still have a lot of fun working on the project, I am going to be surprised by myself ;o) +1
Aprile 26 2020 00:01:29
Wade Wishing you all the best my friend. Stay safe and well. +1
Aprile 26 2020 19:11:44
Uloisius All the same for you my friend ;o) +1
Sehr schön dein Song. Schön deine special Voice friend :Y;)+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:33:37
Uloisius Vielen Dank für den tollen Kommentar Charli ;o) +1
is this Yellow Floyd ? ;) <3+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:34:18
Uloisius <3<3<3 +0
starker song mal wieder, der text erste sahne ! <3 beschreibt das dilemma optimal, die menschen bleiben so, wie sie immer schon waren. na ja, vielleicht werden wir ja mal alle von einem zentralcomputer gesteuert, wie die ameisen. dann wird`s besser.;)+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:36:25
Uloisius Zentralcomputer, Ameisen ... da fällt mir spontan China zu ein ;o) Habe mir vorgenommen mal ein paar Songs zur Menschheitsgeschichte zu machen, mal gucken wie weit ich komme ;o) Das hier ist auf jeden Fall schon mal der Anfang ;o) +1
Wooowwww !!! What a fantastic song my friend :o<3 Thx so much Ulo <3+1
Aprile 25 2020 20:38:18
Uloisius Beautiful comment Arno but who has to thank here I am ;o) +1
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