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This little ditty caught my attention a while back. Xavi's acoustic is really nice. James added a really pleasing vocal sometime later and imopp added bass & drums which made me stick it aside for a jammy. Not a ton added, just some volume swells and a lead in an appropriate spot. I stretched that section a little to make a bit more room. All adds welcome.


I've really enjoyed hearing JDF on tracks like this. I have a friend named Brad Byrd who has his vocal feel and I've always been drawn to it, JDF really nails the passion and emotion on these country-ish songs. Cheers for a really fabulous track! Imopp is so solid, the motif is magical and that heartfelt solo - just wow!!! 2:30, Ivax, the guitar is talking, love it! <3:W+2
Giugno 24 2021 16:33:11
Riffraff Yeah, it's definitely a pretty remix and drew me in. <3 I tried to do a faux pedal steel in the very beginning...need to work on that. :D My volume pedal is for active circuits but wasn't working with my preamp so I had to use the volume control on my guitar and doing 2 string independent bends while muting strings, turning the guitar's volume control and working a mouse all at the same time is a little beyond my skillset. :D:D The first one came out okay but after that I botched everyone I tried and ended up sticking with single note swells the rest of the way through because I needed to get to work. :o Thanks Joe! :W +2
Giugno 24 2021 19:30:33
JoeOnBass It sure sounds good to me. I fight with active basses all the time, sometimes too thick or overpowering, sometimes too thin, depending on what bass I use. Remembering settings from previous recordings is the hard part. I did really great metal sounds a few weeks back and I can't get them again, though I think new strings had a lot to do with it. Maybe it's time to restring my usual bass. +1
Giugno 24 2021 19:51:07
Riffraff :D I know what you mean. I have to remember to write down my settings or snap a cell phone pic of them before jumping on a new project because when I go back to work on a half done track it's hard to get the same tone. B) +1
Giugno 24 2021 20:20:07
JoeOnBass It's funny, when i was 18 I just plugged in an went at it and it seemed fine for the 80's. How did I get here? lol. +1
<3 fantastic RR :W:W thanks for join,very happy :) the acoustic track of one of the guitars is the work of Balfo, I already mentioned it in the initial template #169434 I think Balfo also deserves a large part of the merit :)+1
Giugno 25 2021 10:26:15
Riffraff I see now. I didn't realize the template was a remix. I just checked that out and Balfo's acoustic part is beautiful. <3 +0
Excellently Tastful embellishments and You sure know how to make a solo sing straight to the heart Ron Beautiful Brother<3<3:W+0
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