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Ok guys here is what is happening: I wanted to solo guitar on it, but as I am not fond of 4 minutes of wailing guitar solos I think I'll wait for someone to add vocals to it so I can do my thing. But I did add some background guitar with a fairly clear tone to break up the "dark" rhythm of the template. So open for all as always, but would be nice if someone would leave some ...


Good job TG! Nice add to Keichii's fine template. It could to be get a hit..👍👍+1
Yeah, 4 minutes of good soloing is tough, but I know you can do it :) This is good enough for now. Nice job TG !!+1
schönes Stück :)+1
Nice TG :)+1
great stuff mate :)+1
Thanks for joining, good sound and nice playing TG :)+1
Maggio 02 2015 00:09:42
TeeGee Thanks for the template, great as always! +0
perfect complement with previous guitar Keii, good job TG, but you are able to maintain 4-minute , the example is Karoline39, nightmare+1
Maggio 02 2015 01:38:14
TeeGee Thanks Ivax! Yes sometimes a long instrumental solo works, but most of the time (I think) after a couple of minutes it becomes repetitive. I find if you have singer or another instrument in between it makes it more interesting. We guitarists are always accused of going on to looooooooong with our solos :D +1
Maggio 02 2015 01:43:07
ivax Yes, you're right, is a great idea... We the guitarist sometimes deal with all the track with frills +1
The add you made here to Kei's template gave me the juice needed to write the lyrics TG!;)
Awesome playing m8!:):)
Cool one, like the guitar sound!!+0
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