Jagd vor Weihnachten

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Thank you very much to PetriHaapa for the very COOL Template ;o) The title of the Template "Hunting before Christmas" was my inspiration for the lyrics ;o) This Song is part of the Album „Weihnachten“ https://www.wikiloops.com/album/9282-Weihnachten.php [img]https://wloops2.r.worldssl.net/plsbanners/mid_wl-pls-9282-1477848291.jpg[/img]


Major 3rd
great feel Ulo!+1
Ottobre 21 2016 07:16:01
Major 3rd
Uloisius Thank you very much Major ;o) +0
great sing! Man Already tired of Christmas and it's the middle of October!
This one is really good though! I'll suffer through it with you on this! As it's so cool! Great Job! It makes a prefect loop too. Didn't even know it looped on me 2xs now! If I hunt for 'ole saint Nick might be 3xs! Not going to hunt for him though or sleigh bells. Like the melancholy piano and bass and you sturm and drang singing.
Ahh 3xs now I new I could do it! What are you looking for on your hunt? That is always the 1st thing to clear up before the hunt begins! Much wine = Laughing cheerily. Can forget it all for a short time. Ahh 4xs now!....
Ottobre 21 2016 07:33:37
Uloisius Thanks for the great comment Gemmy.
I am sitting on a Christmas album (so there will follow a few more Christmas songs) and in my search for suitable templates, I also came across Petri's "Hunting before Cristmas" from last year.
Since I am a vegan for me the hunting of animals is of course not a question, the hunt for gifts I have already thematized and I have there still an idea in this regard, so which hunting remains?
A lonely person in the Christmas season on the hunt for togetherness so I thought I could fit quite well here.
You're right, the song is looping really well, I did not notice that last night ;o)
Ottobre 21 2016 09:32:38
PetriHaapa Great vocals... suits well to the atmosphere. First of all the play inspiring me to compose the background handless loneliness and Uloisius represented it well, although I don't understad german... +2
Ottobre 21 2016 18:34:44
Uloisius Thank you very much Petri, if you click "show lyrics" you will find a translation (google translator) in to English ;o) +1
Ottobre 21 2016 20:39:03
PetriHaapa My acute catatonic expression of delight (a phrase from the play) +1
Good Uli!:)
Your Christmas album grows:D
Ottobre 21 2016 07:36:29
Uloisius Thank you Ron, the cup fills slowly ;o) +1
Nice my friend+1
Ottobre 21 2016 07:36:58
Uloisius Thank you very much bro ;o) +1
Great vocals, man! Nice song...+1
Ottobre 21 2016 07:37:34
Uloisius Thank you very much my friend ;o) +0
Not your "usual" Christmas song, and looking squarely at the reality of that time of year being hard on many people. Well done with your keen eye on those real issues.+1
Ottobre 21 2016 07:50:50
Uloisius Thank you Wade, I am very pleased that you like it. Rarely you feel as lonely as in the Christmas time. Most people want to spend Christmas in good company ... if you have no one else just to go through the bars in search of other stranded, on the hunt before Christmas ... there were years in which I was so similar ;o) +1
Ottobre 21 2016 08:47:59
Wade I understand the where you're coming from. I have no family where I live. Fortunately Most holidays mean nothing to me as I live in the country and always have work to do with trees and nature. Other times I have w-loops. Maybe I'm missing something but am just too dumb to know it? As always your words illuminate another reality so well. +1
Ottobre 21 2016 18:55:41
Uloisius Nature helps over so much. I still remember when I was lonely and alone, I have often been in the woods and I have embraced one tree or another ... or I have put myself on a meadow and watched the clouds in the sky, which always helped me a lot.
Of course there is a difference between "being alone" and "loneliness".
This song is about the lonely.
I am very happy that you find my lyrics interesting and you take the one or the other angle of view, which was so before you were not aware, which is for me a very great compliment, very many thanks for that ;o)
Ottobre 21 2016 22:53:30
Wade So much of the time I find depth and meaning in your lyrics. What's the point of listening if one is not open to the message? +0
Großartig Uli! Ja, ist wie alle Jahre wieder ein Thema in der grauen Jahreszeit. Toller Song :)+1
Ottobre 21 2016 07:57:37
Uloisius Vielen Dank franky, an Weihnachten will kaum jemand alleine da sitzen. Ein wenig menschliche Wärme, ein bisschen Zweisamkeit oder einfach nur gute Gesellschaft ... kaum jemand möchte diese Zeit alleine und einsam verbringen ;o) +1
Ottobre 21 2016 09:25:30
frankyguitar Ja so ist es mein Freund. Einsam zu sein ist jetzt besonders schlimm.... +1
True to your usual fine form & right between the eyes.
Xmas is so hyped, to be honest i can't stand it as i refuse excuses to show love & appreciation to those around that matter to my heart.
To me it just draws a deeper divide between the ''haves & have nots'', the lonely, the destitute, shameful..
Ottobre 21 2016 19:12:21
Uloisius To be honest nuno, Christmas does not mean much to me. Contemplation and love have been swept away by activity, business, seduction, lots of kitsch and noise.
I always try to find as much peace as possible at Christmas ... despite everything ;o)
very good Uloisius,like the text...+1
Ottobre 21 2016 19:18:06
Uloisius Thank you very much slin, that's a Honour for me ;o) +0
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